Client Quote: ...I am really impressed with the vision that you put into this home, the flow remains the same but the functionality of this property has vastly improved. The fit and the finish of all the marvelous upgrades leaves no work for the buyer, rather they can just move in and enjoy the many amenities...


Nova Scotia Home Builders Association

Our Projects

  • Haus of Lula | 5572 North Ridge Road
  • Haus of Lula | Halifax
  • Haus of Lula | Halifax/Dartmouth
  • Haus of Lula | 5384 Young Street

So what exactly is a Haus of Lula house? Is it a new house, is it an old house, it is a renovated house?

Nope. It’s a rebuilt house.

Jean Lula’s passion is reclaiming old, tired spaces into new, refreshed modern homes. She appreciates the traditional workmanship and sound structure of older homes, let alone their superb, well-established neighbourhoods that the newer subdivisions can’t touch.
For Jean, every potential project is a universe to discover. Each home offers its own unique era characteristics, architectural charm, quirks and well… just plain “OMG what were they thinking!!!”s. But when she meets “the one” she knows it. - And don’t even bother trying to talk her out of it.
Then, she calls upon her uncanny spatial design sensibilities, her residential planning education, her renovation and general contractor experience and the miracle of transformation begins. This usually entails walls coming down and complete re-configurations of spaces that turn what used to be “really stupid” into something ridiculously spectacular.
And the truly great thing about it is, that Jean not only “doesn’t do ugly…” she also refuses to do anything half baked. Older homes are older. They have functional and structural issues that must be restored. And even though the time, effort and money required to “do it right” doesn’t always show on the surface, at Haus of Lula, function always wins over pretty. (… and, well… she doesn’t “do ugly” so you know what that means.)
It means that every Haus of Lula house is a rebuilt home with design in mind. It is sound, strong and renewed where you can’t see it. It is reclaimed and reconfigured to “just work better” where you can see it. And it finishes beautifully with flooring, tile, fixtures, lighting and colours that show off a radiant, rebuilt home that’s truly something to cherish… again.
Homes for Sale: Haus of Lula offers rebuilt homes for sale and welcomes everyone (or their Realtors) for a tour of the next re-built home coming onto the market.
Will she work on your home/office? Yes. But, only if she really, really likes you. Because Jean loves her work, and life is just too short to not love your clients too.